Want to realise your full potential opportunities?

At Teamexpat we are looking forward to bring Expats across the globe towards a career in the Netherlands. We support the Expat in this process to the full extent which allows the Expat to concentrate on bringing value to the customer. For this we have an Expathost on board who is dedicated to give the Expats a warm welcome with a tuned program for each Expat.

If you are interested in joining Teamexpat, here are our opportunities:

Software Engineer - VUE.JS

Would you like to participate in a team that enables to be fully compliant with modern Business Continuity? Where you are challenged and inspired by implementing an internal web-based application providing a professional and user-friendly interface to an extensive product landscape? Where you are responsible for the complete development pipeline and will play an important role in implementing test and deployment processes, as well as automation tooling. Then the Enterprise Security team is the place to be!

We are the Enterprise Security team that develops and maintains a suite of security applications that supports Business Continuity Management processes, Penetration Test Management and our own File Transfer platform.

An international team of 4 developers, a product owner, and a scrum master, located in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and working via a hybrid format. Wednesday is the office day.

Senior Test Engineer

As a Test Engineer, you will help us to build and deliver the necessary IT solutions. In this role you will be responsible for defining test plans for all features your team delivers as well as ensure that all testing activities are performed. As a member of an agile solution delivery team, you will ensure that business acceptance criteria are well-defined and met in each sprint while guarding quality, consistency and maintainability. You will work with the test manager in a Test Chapter to enhance test principles and guidelines and ensure compliance with corporate standard.

Senior Build Engineer

The Software Innovation department designs state-of-the-art software tools for the Software Developers within. Extending and transforming a world-class environment by continuously innovating and introducing new tools like GitHub Actions, Bazel Build System, Docker, Kubernetes, and much more.

Senior Software Engineer - C++, Bazel

The project is replacing the ClearCase environment by a state-of-the art software development environment and enabling the migration. The project is because the new environment will evolve step by step on a new foundation. This software development environment services a large community with over 2500 active developers. Migrating the software to the new platform is an essential part of the project and your role. You will be working in a multidisciplinary team with IT and software engineers to deliver results fast and in short cycles. This team delivers the solution in incremental steps with a strong connection to the tools and techniques provided to the end-users.

Integration Test Engineer

Applications are critical elements of any industry controlling customer factories' development process. Solution integration is an essential step in the development process of our products and ensures that application solutions will work properly in the customer environment. The Solution Integration and Test Engineer is a critical participant in the product development process and provides essential input to the product release decision-making process.

Technical Scrum Master

Within the Quality and Integration department, the CI/CD group is responsible for providing a state-of-the-art Development Environment for the Platform and Application development teams and the System-of-Systems Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery flow to the end customer. The group has a high impact on the effectiveness and productivity of the 25 scrum teams building the software applications. The goal is to continuously optimize the software development flow, releasing and delivery cycle. The working field of the team is the end-to-end development flow from first commit of an engineer to the delivery of the product to the end customer.

Product Owner

Who wants to join the most innovative company in the world and work with our developer community to enable them to do things no-one in the world can do? Like shooting tiny droplets of tin with a laser so it emits just the right type of light, just to name something? We are on a mission to deliver a world-class software development environment and have a position for an very experienced Product Owner with a strong Software Development background to join our team. This could be you!

Full-Stack Java developer

As a Full Stack Java Developer, you are responsible for developing world-class, complete web applications, both on the backend and frontend, for monitoring and addressing performance and security, and for developing customer-focused and scalable user experiences. 

DevOps engineer

As DevOps engineer, you are responsible for development, maintenance and operation of the CI/CD pipeline, to meet the evolving needs of the local and remote development teams. 

C++ Design Engineer

If you enjoy software development, Supervisory Control in a complex system and be in an environment that enables you to have a system view and interaction on functional level, then this is an exciting opportunity for you.

Senior software recruitment manager

You are eager to bring recruitment to the next level with your experience in the field of recruitment of software professionals. Not just getting the best candidates yourself, but lead the team of corporate recruiters and bring the best out of them.

SW Professional

You are happy to make awesome high quality software in challenging environments. You will be responsible for writing clean and highly functional code for one of our valued customers in the Netherlands. In various projects you like to extend your experience and skill sets, and quickly turn your learnings into added value for the customer.

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