Business Unit Manager

You are eager to bring the business to the next level with your experience in the field of supporting customers via secondment and in house projects. Not just getting the best solutions for the customer, but lead the team of software professionals and bring the best out of them. Balancing the result orientation with process thinking you like to expand the business.

You like to grow, learn and step outside the comfort zone yourself and challenge others to do the same. The entire process of finding the suitable customers, building up relationships with the customers, supporting customers and employees on their challenges is well known to you by experience.


Bachelor’s or Master’s in a relevant field. You have build up software understanding either via education or years of account management in the field of software.


You have at least 7 years of experience as account manager where you have guided, mentored at least a junior account manager. Even better is already first experience of several years as business unit manager or similar role where you have taken complete responsibility for the growth of the business. Preferably your experience is in the high tech field.

Personal skills

You are seeking to work in a precise and challenging department. You are quality-driven and you are looking for an environment where your customer and employee care and organisational skills will be enhanced and your ideas will be put to the test. You are not afraid to debate aspects within the team because you know that we will always choose the best solution. You want to be a part of a dynamic and challenging environment. You are passionate about software and you would like be a part of our team that is responsible to provide the best solutions for our customers.

You are both verbally and in writing skilled in the Dutch and English language.

Company information

Do you want to work at a young dynamic organisation and contribute to solving the biggest problem in the brainport region; Getting highly qualified software professionals to contribute to all the high tech innovation created in the brainport region. Teamexpat helps out the region by bringing in experienced highly educated software professionals from abroad towards a career in the Netherlands. We have a mixture of high quality people with an informal way of working. Our customer base is growing everyday, with already some big high-tech players in the market eager to work with us due to our recognized quality people, together with our fast and adequate response rates.

I’d like to apply for this career.