The project is replacing the ClearCase environment by a state-of-the art software development environment and enabling the migration. The project is because the new environment will evolve step by step on a new foundation. This software development environment services a large community with over 2500 active developers. Migrating the software to the new platform is an essential part of the project and your role. You will be working in a multidisciplinary team with IT and software engineers to deliver results fast and in short cycles. This team delivers the solution in incremental steps with a strong connection to the tools and techniques provided to the end-users.

Role and responsibilities

You will be working in one of the engineering teams as a (senior) engineer or lead. These teams are typically sized 4-7 highly skilled and educated people. You are flexible to pick up different tasks depending on the phase of the project, for example.

  • Performing and reporting on in-depth investigations to support decision making processes
  • Building proof of concepts and prototypes
  • Coaching (junior, newly joined) engineers
  • Alignment with stakeholders within and outside project
  • Designing and implementing the solutions chosen for production
  • Knowledge sharing and support towards and the wider community.

Education and experience

Background in Software Engineering or IT (MSc.)

Knowledge & experience

  • Strong knowledge on software development using C/C++, Python
  • DevSecOps tools and principles
  • Strong knowledge on ecosystems (SCM and CICD) such as GitHub (is a plus), Atlassian, Azure DevOps
  • Linux (RHEL) and similar operating systems
  • Build systems (Bazel is a plus, Cmake, Gradle)
  • Infrastructure as code tools (such as Rundeck, Terraform, Ansible, Puppet)
  • Containerization knowledge & experience (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Cloud platform knowledge (GCP)
  • Secure development knowledge


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