How we use your personal information

Your personal information will be held by Teamexpat (Daksh.B.V).

Our privacy notice explains what information we may obtain from you or about you, how we will use your information, and how we will look after your information.

We will:

- Only ask for and keep personal information about you which we feel is necessary to deliver the best service we can; which is in both our interests.
- Only share your personal information with prospective employers that we have discussed with you prior to sending your personal information for a role. We will never sell your information to any person.
- Store and process your personal information outside of Europe due to our cloud-based services provided by third party service providers.
- Only retain your personal information for as long as we consider it necessary in order that we can continue to provide the best service to you now and in the future or for as long as required to comply with our legal obligations.
- Ensure that your personal information is held securely.
- Only send you marketing communications by post, email, or by other electronic means which relate to our services or other similar services which we believe will be of interest to you.

About Us

We are Teamexpat (Daksh.B.V), a registered company in Netherlands with our registered headquarters at Beemdstraat 1, 5653MA, Eindhoven, Netherlands.

We are required to comply with the Conduct Regulations and other employment related laws in the provision of our respective temporary and or permanent recruitment services.

How to contact us

If you have any queries or questions about this privacy notice, please contact our data protection manager, at or you may call us on +31 (0)40 3046260.

Your personal information

We collect, use, and store personal information in respect the following types of individuals:

Candidates (i.e. job applicants/work-seekers) Individuals who approach us seeking a new role or to discuss a role that they have become aware of, who respond to an advertisement we publish in respect of a role, or who we approach as someone who may be interested in a role we are currently seeking or who may be interested in future roles we may have.

Contract Resource (i.e temporary workers or contractors)Individuals who are Candidates and whom are subsequently supplied on a contract assignment to a Client, and whether engaged by us as directly as a PAYE Worker or engaged under contract through their personal service company (PSC) or employed or engaged via an umbrella company.

Client Contacts Employees within the HR function, hiring managers, and other employees within client organisations that we have communications with respect to our recruitment services and or otherwise have dealings with in the performance of our contract for recruitment services.

Supplier Contacts Employees and other authorised individuals within organisations whom delivering business and/or support services to us as a supplier to maintain and/or operate our recruitment services under a contract for services.

Referees Work and or personal referees whom our candidates may provide details of either in their CV or as requested by us or any other person that we approach to verify employment history as part of our suitability and employment checks.

Emergency Contacts/Next of Kin Members of family and or partner whom a Candidate may provide to us as their emergency contact/next of kin.

Referred Contacts Friends, colleagues, and other contacts whom a Candidate, Client or other third party with whom we have had dealings with may refer to us or recommend we contact with respect to a role or our recruitment services.

When we refer to “you” or “your” we refer to the category of individual to whom the section of the privacy notice relates.

Referees/prior employers – we will always discuss any requirement for us to take up any verbal and or written references and/or any requirement for us to verify your employment history and or gaps in employment history for any role. We will never seek to contact a current employer unless with your permission.

In respect of our communications with you and the delivery of our services, we may obtain personal information from you arising from:

- Your use of our website
- applications you make
- Your attendance at any event we host or sponsor
- When you talk to us over the phone, via email, or through any text or email messaging service

We may obtain personal information about you from third party sources:

- Job boards and Networking Sites
- Referrals – a personal or professional recommendation from a third party (typically family member, friend, colleague or former employer)
- PSC or umbrella company – whom you supply your services through and whom is acting on your behalf

We may collect further personal information about you in anticipation of further services required.

Client Contacts and Supplier Contacts

We may collect and process personal information for our Client Contacts and Supplier Contacts and which will typically include Contact details and Service communications.

We will only collect such personal information either directly from you as a Client Contact or Supplier Contact as a consequence of our communications with you, indirectly during service negotiations with a Client or Supplier, indirectly from the contract with our Client or our Supplier, or indirectly from a Job Board or via a Networking Site. We may use such personal information to contact you to discuss our services with you applicable now, and in the future.


We may collect and process personal information relating to Contact details for Referees who are provided to us by a Candidate/Contract Resource.

We will only collect such information directly from a Candidate/Contract Resource or from a Job Board the Candidate/Contract Resource has published their details on or profile of the Candidate/Contract Resource from a Networking Site. Referee details will be shared with our Clients in the delivery of our recruitment services when a Candidate/Contract Resource is introduced for roles with our Clients. Where we act as an employment agency Clients may contact you to seek a reference on a Candidate when considering offering a permanent or fixed term role or upon the offer of such a role to a Candidate. Less commonly, our Clients may require us to take up references during the permanent recruitment process.

We will only use your Contact details for the purpose of taking up a reference for a Contract Resource where we determine it necessary in the conduct of our suitability checks and or where we are required to do so by a Client for a role that a Contract Resource has been introduced for.

Emergency Contacts/Next of Kin

We may collect and process personal information relating to your Contact details provided to us by a Candidate/Contract Resource.

We will only use such personal information to contact you as a direct consequence of an emergency relating to a Candidate/Contract Resource arising during the recruitment process or during a contract assignment with us and where we reasonably believe it necessary to contact you for the immediate health or safety interests of the Candidate/Contract Resource.

Referred Candidates

We may collect and process personal information relating to Contact details for Referred Candidates who are provided to us by a Candidate/Contract Resource, Client or other third party.

We will receive personal information about you directly from the individual who referred you or from a Job Board or profile for a Networking Site that you may be subscribed to. We will only use such personal information to contact you as a direct consequence of you being referred to us. We will typically ask the person referring you to confirm that you are willing to be contacted by us or in the alternative we will ask the person referring you to introduce you to us. If you express an interest in discussing a role with us now or in the future as a consequence of our contact with you as a Referred Candidate, we will register you and you will be considered a Candidate/Contract Resource for the purposes of this privacy notice. If you are not interested in discussing a role with us and confirm that you do not wish to receive further communications from us having been referred to us, we will not retain your personal information.

If you choose not to give personal information

You can choose not to give us personal information when we seek to collect personal data from you at any moment, or ask to redraw the information. We may need to collect personal information by law in certain circumstances however. If you choose not to give us this personal information, it may delay or prevent us from delivering our services to you, or terminating services running. We will advise you of the implications of the decision when applicable.

How long we keep your personal information

We will retain your personal information only for as long as is necessary and in accordance with the legitimate interests of our Clients, our Candidates and our own commercial needs to maintain a sustainable and profitable business but subject always to any overriding law which requires us to retain certain information for longer periods.

Sharing your personal information

We will share personal information in the provision of our service that we have collected about you with:

- Clients in order that we can discuss, introduce and or supply you for a role, to allow the Client to assess your suitability for an interview and or offer of a role, and in order to facilitate the recruitment process (e.g. for the purpose of arranging interviews, undertaking tests etc.) and which shall include the Client’s end customer for a particular contract assignment.
- Other recruitment agencies who act as a master vendor, neutral vendor, or managed supplier of recruitment services to a Client (Intermediary), and in this circumstance we will share your personal information with the Intermediary who is managing the recruitment process for the Client and the Client. For the purposes of this privacy notice, reference to “Client” shall include any Intermediary.
- With job boards, job aggregators and other third-party partners we utilise to give you the best opportunity of finding a relevant and suitable role for you.
- Our Group Companies in order that they may advise, enter into and or administer any contract assignment with you on our instruction to ensure that any contract assignment is administered in accordance with local laws (including any immigration, tax and social security laws). If any Group Company acts as principal in entering into a contract assignment with you, the Group Company shall act as a data controller with respect to your personal information and will use your personal information solely for the purpose of entering into, administering and managing your contract and shall issue you its own privacy notice providing information on its own processing of your personal information.
- Our own third-party service providers who deliver services on our behalf and who may process your personal information in the performance of those services under our instruction (subject to agreements with our third-party service providers) and which include but not be limited to our payroll service providers, our background and ID checks service providers, our accountants, our auditors, legal advisors, insurers and IT service and CRM providers.
- Those categories of third-party sources identified in the Candidate personal information table whom deliver services to us as we require to comply with any Client Requirements we are obliged to comply with under our contract with the Client
- Any authority; which may include but is not limited to; central and local government departments, law enforcement and fraud prevention agencies, HM Revenue & Customs, Employment Agencies Standards Inspectorate (EASI), Gangmasters Licensing & Abuse Authority (GLAA), and other statutory regulators;
- Any public information sources and third-party organisations that we may use to perform our suitability and checks; including but not limited to the DVLA, Companies House, Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), and credit reference agencies.
- Any third party whom we instruct to perform audits on our behalf, whether to assess compliance with any statutory duties or as may be required to comply with any contractual commitments that we have;
- Any recruitment industry trade body that we may be a member of e.g. REC or ASPCO
- Any potential purchaser of our business or the potential owners of any other business we may potentially wish to merge with in the future.
- Any general practitioner, nurse, paramedic, and or any other medical support staff treating the Candidate/Contract Resource to allow them to contact you in an emergency (Emergency Contact/Next of Kin only).

Your Rights and How to Complain

Under data protection laws, you have a range of rights which help to protect you in respect of our processing of your personal information. If you are unhappy with how we deal with your request to exercise your rights, or you are unhappy with our response to your request, you may make a complaint to the authority personal information, https://autoriteitpersoonsgege...

If you want to review, verify, correct or request deletion of your personal information, object to the processing of your personal data, or request that we transfer a copy of your personal information to another party, please contact us in writing at