It’s one thing to be proud of your performance, it’s another thing if somebody else is positive about it.
Here are a few testimonials reflecting our way of working across the industries, from big to small, from staffing to in-house innovation projects.

Perform in the career again

Being without career has an impact on so many things; financially, socially and mentally. Getting a new career opportunity is almost like a dream coming true.

We realised the opportunity for Mallika to perform in her career again, with great joy and gratitude to Teamexpat and her partner ICT.

Retailor the retail

The retail industry is in stormy waters. Particularly challenging is attracting potential customers to the store and keep their attention.

We realised the opportunity for The LedWall to develop a solution for their customers, retailoring the retail.

From Development to test

The logistic industry is moving forward rapidly, and Vanderlande is playing a key role in this. In order to lead in this industry, Vanderlande needs highly skilled software professionals, both on development and test side.

We realised the opportunity for Vanderlande to maintain the pole position with development and test professionals.

May we assist you with our international software expertise?